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Thread: Id conformation for Burara spp

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    Default Id conformation for Burara spp

    Requesting confirmation for these Burara spp which I am able to guess, thanks to the ID keys I got from one of the discussion in this forum.

    1. B. harisa? HW orange cilia reaching vein 5.
    DSCN7651 (2)_01.JPG




    2 - 4, B. anadi? I think they satisfy these keys:
    HW discal patch composed of streaks including in space 7.
    HW orange cilia reaching vein 7.
    But they look quite bright. That confuses me.


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    2, 3, & 4 are fairly typical Burara oedipodea belesis.
    HW patch is solid & placed away from the cellend.

    The orange cilia varies a bit .& especially in different subspecies.

    Burara harisa consobrina P. Malaysia & S. Thailand the HW patch is more obviously streaky.

    B. oedipodea cedipodea P.Malaysia ,S. Thaialnd.
    HW orange cilia reach just past vein 5.

    India ssp belesis. . HW orange cilia may reach vein 6 or 7.
    Reaching v. 6.
    Reachibg v. 7.

    B. jaina FW white cellspot may be absent ,HW orange cilia reaching at least v. 7. space 7 usually clear of pale streak. Abdominal end broadly orange.
    This differentiate from B. harisa.
    Additional note; Ssp jaina have a UnF white cellspot. ;Ssp fergusoni (S. India) lacks this spot. UnF apical zone not distinctly paler.!...5/Burara-jaina

    B. anadi. Duller orange. UnH streak often extend to space 7; HW orange cilia to v. 7; abdominal end mostly brown.
    Additional note; UnF apical zone distinctly paler. This pale area tapers down the termen.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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