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Thread: ID help Lethe spp la

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    Default ID help Lethe spp la

    Warm Greetings from Bhutan la Dr.Seow!!!

    I took the picture at an elevation of 2200 metres, from western part of Bhutan la. can this be Lethe insana la, i noticed that it was smaller than Lethe serbonis la.

    Lethe spp from 2200metres by Tshulthrim Tshulthrim, on Flickr
    Best Regards


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    Lethe isana.
    HW postdiscal band which runs near the upper big eyespot is angular.
    There is also some orange red shading in the HW submarginal area.!...45/Lethe-isana

    Similar. L brisanda.
    The postdiscal band near the HW upper eyespot is smoothly curved.!...Lethe-brisanda

    L. serbonis
    FW postdiscal whitish band runs not diagonal, but bent down parallel to the outer margin.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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