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Thread: Doubtful IDs from Nepal

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    Thank you so much, sir. I think I have two different Choaspes here. Could you check? C. benjaminii and C. furcata?

    1. 1.jpg

    2. 2.jpg
    Sajan KC

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    Post 11.

    You got them right.

    1. C. furcztz.
    The black area in space 1a is large & comes close to the margin
    The large spot in space 1b is angled inwards.

    2. C. bejaminii japonica.
    The black area in space 1a is small & does not come near the margin.
    The spot in space 1b is not angled in.
    The tail is particularly short.

    Evans state of C. benjaminii & furcata, the two black spots in space 2 (which is partially orange) are placed centrally ie roughly equal distance from vein 2 below & vein 3 above.
    In C. stigmata the two spots are nearer vein 3 above & in C. xanthopogon they are nearer vein 2 below.
    Can be hard to judge.

    Upperside male C. benjaminii mostly green; C. stigmata & furcata, basally green;C. xanthopogon mostly brown.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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