Post 100.
Probably female Rapala dieneces.

4 species are somewhat similar with the postdiscal bands narrow, the HW band partly irregular & in space 1b (where the bluegrey patch is) forms a dome or arch.

Rapala tara: HW postdiscal band with several dislocation ,notably complete dislocation at vein 2 & 3.!...13/Rapala-tara

Rapala suffusa. FW band curved bent towards the costa, HW orange crown obsolete, being yellow /ochreous & merging with the ground colour.
Indian forms have small black spot 2 & the arch/dome flatten.
Singapore 1 male ,2 females.!...Rapala-suffusa

Rapala damona: FW postdiscal band curved in towards costa (variable) Male orange brown, female paler; orange crown not well defined.
Singapore male & probable female.!.../Rapala-damona

Rapala dieneces: FW postdiscal band usually fairly straight. HW orange crown better defined & contrasted from the ground colour; marginal zone often with yellow/orange shadings.
Singapore male & 3 female.!...apala-dieneces

This female have the FW band straight though undulate & the HW orange crown better defined.

TL Seow: Cheers.