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    Dear Sir,
    I have followed the interesting discussion on identification of Choaspes species in this forum. Please help me in clearing my confusion on the following butterflies. All photos were taken in Meghalaya, India. All are different specimens.

    A. Could this be stigmatus as the tail looks quite long?
    Choaspes A.jpg

    B. C. furcatus?
    Choaspes B.JPG

    C. Is it possible to Id from UP.
    Choaspes C.JPG

    Thanking you in advance..

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    A. is C. stigmatus as the tail is twice as long as in B & largely orange.

    B. is C. furcatus/furcata as the black mark in space 1b is curved in strongly.

    C. C. stigmatus as the tornal orange is quite broad.
    Both C. stigmatus & furcatus have the FWs basally green.

    C. bejamini
    i is fully blue green.

    The male C. xanthopogon is fully brown above.

    TL Seow: Cheers.

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    Thanks a lot for your comments, sir. Really appreciate the way you simplify the IDs. Looking forward to more discussions. Cheers!!

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