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Thread: ID requested for Pelopidas species

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    Default ID requested for Pelopidas species


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am attaching a below image link for identification purpose. Specimen captured from West Bengal, India in the month of May 2018. Please guide me.

    Image link:


    N.B. I unable to add my image attachment on this group, hence, facing some trouble. This is just for yours information.

    Rajib Dey
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    This is a difficult one because it looks like it is the female of Pelopidas thrax.
    The ssp masta is recorded from Sikkim to Manipur ,& as it feeds on cultivated grains could easily occur in West Bengal.

    Pelopidas thrax: Male with the brand paler & more prominent.
    Ground colour more uniform ; HW spot 6 large ,often largest & rounded (esp. male) ;cellspot also typically large.
    HW spot 4 & 5 often more prominent ( esp. in female tend to be wide (ie elongate) .
    HW spot 7 always absent.
    "Face & chest" whiter than in mathias or agna.

    Israel male Greece female.
    Turkey 3 males
    Female UN.? Greece.

    Pelopidas mathias Male brand less prominent.
    Underside with irregular pale (grey) shadings in the marginal zones & discal area of the HW.
    HW spot 6 typically oblong .
    HW spot 7 often present.
    "Face & chest" not prominently white.

    Singapore 1 male 2 females.
    S. India male & female.

    P. agna ;Male with dark brand & narrow spots.
    Underside more uniform brown without pale shadings.
    HW spot 7 may be present.
    Singapore 2 males & 1 female.

    The large rounded HW spot 6 & general appearance suggest the female P. thrax but it is hard to be sure.
    Note the HW spots are edged with dark brown. If you look carefully spots 4 & 5 appeared elongate. If this is correct the ID is almost certain.
    P. thrax ,Greece right side female.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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