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Thread: Lassipa tiga and heliodore confusion

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    Default Lassipa tiga and heliodore confusion

    Three photos of Lassipa species from southern Thailand, which should be either L. tiga or L. heliodore.
    I found an excellent image on ButterflyCircle (see figure 4) via Google, of how to tell these two species apart. However, my three images do not follow these guidelines very well or clearly, and I am confused as to which these are. The submarginal spot in space 3 on my images is not particularly wide (indicating heliodore). However the cell "tongue" differs on one of them and is much clearer, indicating tiga.

    Comments and corrections greatly appreciated please.

    Image 1. From Krung Ching, Nakhon Sri Thammarat. I think tiga.
    Image 2. From Ranong, Ranong province. I think tiga.
    Image 3. From Ranong, Ranong province. I think heliodore.

    Note that although I think Image 2 and 3 are different species, based on the tounge, they were photographed very close to each other in the same locality which might be a bit suspicious?

    Image 1.
    b2595 Burmese Lascar (Lasippa heliodore heliodore) 255 m - Krung Ching 01.JPG

    Image 2.

    Image 3.

    Image 4.
    lascar ID_resize.jpg

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    All three are Lasippa heliodore females.

    The delineation of the tongue in black ,stronger in heliodore & weaker in tiga works fairly well in P. Malaysia & Singapore.
    Elsewhere it is not so reliable.

    The width of FW submarginal spot 3 is still the best guide. The width is stated in the set specimen.

    Lasippa tiga FW submarginal spot 3 is always at least 2X wider than that of spot 4 above it.
    Male ( FW band running wide on the lower margin.
    Female with FW band narrow on the lower margin.
    Pair ,male on the left.
    Ssp camboja with narrow markings.

    L. heliodore;The female is easily confused with L. tiga.

    Male FW submarginal spot 3 a little wider than spot 4 or about equal.

    Female have the FW submarginal spot 3 1.5X the wide of spot 4 above it.
    Pairs with the male on the left, female on the right.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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    Many thanks for the clarification and more details.

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