This was photographed this week at Omkoi, nw Thailand. Altitude 1,250 metres, dry forest.
Size in the field appeared on the smaller/medium size for Tagiades.

Initially I considered this to be a very worn specimen, but on closer examination the wear is not as I thought, though the trailing edge of the wing may be abraded.

The black spotting within the white area at the rear of the hindwing matches either T. gana or T. parra. However, the number and position of the numerous spots in the apex of the forewing match neither. Another possibility might be T. calligana but that would be massively out of range. I have consulted all available references (Kimura, Yutaka, Ek-Amnuay) and searched web images. I can find nothing matching forewing spot patterning and hindwing spot configuration.

I would be very interested in any opinions on this skipper.
Many thanks.