I went for a short trip to Chiangmai, 7-12 Oct 2019, with sifu Khew, Cheng Ai and Jonathan. It was a short but fruitful trip, 4 full days of butt hunting/shooting. It was the first Chiangmai butterfly trip for Cheng Ai, Jonathan and I, and there, we met up with Antonio and his lovely wife, Kai.

I will be posting photos of the butterflies that I shot at Chiangmai and Chiangdao...trying my best to ID them, appreciate inputs and corrections if there is/are any...

I will start of with Hesperiidae, Hesperiinae, interestingly, the speicies there are much nicer than those that are found in Singapore.

Ochus subvittatus (Tiger Hopper)

This tiny one was the first hesperiidae that caught my attention, with a wingspan of only 22mm (if I'm not wrong).

Thoressa masoni (Golden Ace)

Aeromachus stigmata (Veined Scrub Hopper)

Sovia albipectus (Silver-Breast Ace)

Thoressa cerata (Northern Ace)