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Thread: ID requested for Celaenorrhinus sp.

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    Default ID requested for Celaenorrhinus sp.


    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am sending three species for indentification purpose. All images captured from Jayanti river, West Bengal, India in the month of April 2019. Please help me with know about id. It would be more helpful to me if you describe about id of Genus Celaenorrhinus (Indian species)

    Rajib Dey
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    I am afraid ther are just too many species many which I am not familiar. Each species is also extremely variable.

    Basically they can be divided into 2 main groups ;1. HW with yellow spots & 2. HW without yellow spots.

    1 HW with yellow spots.

    a, FW with a yellow or white sub-basal spot in space 1b ie. C. ambareesa, pulomaya ,pero, pyrrha & ratna.

    b. FW without a sub basal spot. C. leucocera, putra, plagifera, morene & patula.

    b1. FW with two spots in space 1b C. plagifera & morene.

    b2. FW with 1 spot in space 1b.

    C. patula HW with large yellow spots FW band not extending into costa.

    C. leucocera :HW with smaller spots FW band usually extend above radius (not always)FW band typically comprise of irregular large spots. Termen shorter than dorsum ;apex rounded & margin more convex.

    C. putra; HW with smaller spots; FW termen = dorsum; apex sharper & termen straighter. FW band composed of smaller spots usdually with straighter margins, not extending to costa but sometimes with a tiny spot above the radius.

    Your shots all look to be C. leucocera. The apex is not that sharp & the termen more rounded.

    TL Seow; Cheers.

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