Location: vicinity of Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
Obs. date: 18 Feb. 2019

It always seems a frustrating task: identifying Mycalesis species.
Based on the comments given by Psyche in several threads, I tried to derive a number of more or less deterministic characteristics that might help to id this species:

1. HW indentation (formed the inner margins of the hindwing spots): smooth, not dented and rather shallow
so not likely: M. mineus. M. perseus, M. intermedia, M. perseoides

2. HW dark discal line with several small tooths, tooth at vein 1b not so prominent
so not likely: M. visala, M. perseoides

3. Four lower ocelli almost in-line
so not likely: M. perseus

4. FW ocelli 2 large but not extreme
so not likely: M. intermedia

5. Striae around the ocelli somewhat enhanced
so not likely: M. mineus, M. horsfieldi

6. HW white band not tapering downwards
so not likely: M. igila

I suppose that these are not “hard” criteria and that there are intermediate (and/or dry season) forms. So although the above would seem to rule out all of the species listed above, my best guess based on overall appearance would be M. perseoides or M. visala. But I may be completely wrong and would appreciate your opinion.