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Thread: ID needed for Skipper

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    Seng Kang

    Default ID needed for Skipper

    Dear Dr Seow,
    Is this Pale Palm Dart (Telicota augias augias)? Thanks!
    Cher Hern

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    This is a fairly typical Telicota augias male.

    Telicota augias ;HW veins across band not dark-dusted;HW band & ground the same colour tone ie no contrast ;strong orange colour compared to all other species.
    FW spot 4 & 5 with good overlap.
    Head, thorax & abdomen more uniformly orange.

    Female with the veins across HW band lightly dark -dusted; FW spots 4 & 5 with good overlap; more orange than other species.

    All Singapore males.

    Male Telicota colon ;FW spot 4 & 5 with little overlap.

    Female T. augias .HW veins lightly dark-dusted.
    This below has been misIDed as Telicota besta male, but the shape is a female (ie longer body).

    T. besta male ;HW veins lightly dark-dusted ;FW spots 4 & 5 with less overlap.
    This male have upperside confirmation.

    T. besta female Underside yellower with greenish tinge (hard to see).

    TL Seow: Chhers.

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