I am reviewing all my difficult Oriens and Potanthus lookalike skippers, as I am pretty sure I have a number incorrect. It would be good to have a number of confirmed identifications as a baseline to compare against. The following three individuals (3 shots of each) were taken from various locations (indicated below) in Thailand and I currently have them down as Oriens goloides. However, on reexamination I think Oriens gola more likely. (Based on the black veins). I would be really grateful for confirmation on the identifications.
With thanks.

Image 1a. From Doi Ang Khang, n Thailand.
image 1c.JPG

Image 1b. same as 1a.
image 1b.JPG

Image 1c. same as 1a.
image 1a.JPG

Image 2a. From Krabi, s Thailand.
image 2a.JPG

Image 2b. same as 2a
image 2b.JPG

Image 2c. same as 2a
image 2c.JPG

Image 3a. From Phu Khieo, ne Thailand.
image 3a.JPG

Image 3b. same as 3a
image 3b.JPG

Image 3c. same as 3b
image 3c.JPG