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Thread: Some odd Prosotas sp

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    Default Some odd Prosotas sp

    I would appreciate some feedback on the tentative ID of the images below please.

    Image 1. From Hala-Bala, extreme south Thailand.
    The very dark wing bases on both wings make this Prosotas gracilis I would have thought.
    b4825 Dark-based Lineblue (Prosotas gracilis ni) - Hala Bala 1.JPG

    Image 2. From Kaeng Krachan, northern peninsula Thailand.
    The very dark wing bases also point to Prosotas gracilis, but the general colouration much different.
    lineblue 1.JPG

    Image 3. Also from Kaeng Krachan.
    This one I find confusing as might resemble P. pia in having faded marginal and sub-marginal spots but the dark wing base of hindwing appears wrong. Confusing individual.
    lineblue 2.JPG
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