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    1.Male Nacaduba berenice.

    2, & 3. males N. beroe

    4. Female N. beroe.

    5. Arhopala epimuta.

    The 6line Blues need to be identified by the sex first.

    Male ;FW apex blunt,termen fairly straight; abdominal end truncated & brush like.; palpi short (not reliable)

    Female ;FW apex pointed follow by a convex termen. abdominal pointed without a brush. Palpi longer but confusing in photos.

    Male 6Line Blues.
    A. Dark striae strong .
    A1, N berenice; FW postdiscal typically broken in the middle ;submarginals irregular.
    A2, N. calauria ;FW postdiscal almost always straight & unbroken; FW submarginal spots 4 & 5 sharp pointed.

    B. Dark striae weak/moderate to obsolete.FW termen always rather straight.
    B1. N. beroe : FW innermost (costal spot 12)absent; postdiscal band broken in the middle ;lower 3 submarginal rectangular; wingbase darkish.
    B2; N kurava ;FW costal spot 12 always present; postdiscal usually fairly straight , not broken; submarginal often broad with rounded margins; wingbase not dark.

    Female 6Line Blues.
    All females have strong dark striae.

    Female .N. beroe 'FW costal spot 12 absent or vestigial. FW postdiscal broken (variable) in the middle.

    Female N. kurava;FW costal spot 12 present; FW postdiscal usually straight; submarginals large with rounded margins.

    Female calauria. FW costal spot 12 present; postdiscal straight & unbroken; submarginal spots 4 & 6 sharp-pointed.

    Female N berenice; FW costal spot 12 present; postdiscal usually partially broken in the middle; submarginals irregular; spot 4 & 6 not sharper than the others.

    eg N. calauria male on the left, female on the right.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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