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Thread: ID help please

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    Post 20.

    1 Potanthus ganda female.
    Veins may be slightly dark dusted at times; more orange than omaha & dark shading stronger.
    Female P. omaha.

    2. Baoris farri male.
    The underside view shows a lot of the pale areas on the antennal ;Upper FW cellspot is round; HW with a cellend mark (where the hair tuft sprout on the upperside.)

    3 Caltoris cormasa female . Reddish tone is typical.

    4. Borbo cinnara female;
    The arrangement of the 3 main HW spots 2, 3, & 6 is typical. A small spot 4 is seen. Face & chest white.

    5. Pelopidas mathias male.
    When the HW spots are tiny the cellspot may sometimes be absent. The UnH is irregularly pale shaded.

    P. agna male 1. with absent HW cellspot & 2 with HW cellspot barely present.

    Borbo have thicker antennal clubs. Also face & chest strongly white.

    Parnara bada have short stubby antennae.

    TL Seow :Cheers.

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    Dr Seow, thanks for the speedy response! I've been looking through older Caltoris shots too... In hopes of finding something unusual but they are all just cormasa.
    --- nothing happens by coincidence - everything is DESTINY ---

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