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Thread: Ideopsis similis in Singapore?

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    Default Ideopsis similis in Singapore?

    I came across this blogsite showing Ideopsis similis (mis-IDed as I. vulgaris )in Changi Airport.
    Ideopsis similis is very similar to I. vulgaris & often confused with it. Range: Mainland SE Asia ,an isolated population in Sri Lanka.
    FW with the cellend spot less irregular ;discal spots larger & rounded ;HW with the inner marginal veins darkened narrowly (less so in the female).
    Male Thailand.
    Male Southern Japan.
    Female ;Hong Kong.

    Ideopsis vulgaris. Range Se Asia mainland & Sundaland.
    FW cellend spot very irregular with a thin upper arm; discal spots narrow (elongate horizontally) HW inner marginal veins more broadly striped brown in both sexes.
    Two males & one female , Singapore.

    Evans called I. similis the Blue Glassy Tiger (1928, 1932), at which time vulgaris was considered a subspecies.

    It is more deserving of the name Blue Glassy Tiger as it is larger & bluer.
    I came across one in the Damansara park which is in the Klang Valley 10 years ago, and was struck by its larger size & distinctly bright blue colour.
    In contrast I. vulgaris appears dark & greyish blue.
    It was also photograhed in Kuala Selangor in 2009.
    A recent shot taken south of KL below is labelled I. vulgaris.

    As it feed on the same hostplant as I. vulgaris it is probably in Johor by now.

    A posible explanation here is taht the shots are escapees from a nearby butterfly farm.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
    PS. I fail to see it is written the pix were taken in a butterfly garden. That explains the whole thing.
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