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Thread: ID for ufo needed

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    Seng Kang

    Default ID for ufo needed

    Dear Dr Seow,
    what's the id for the ufo below? Thanks!
    Cher Hern

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    It is a female Nacaduba sanaya elioti
    The submarginal spots are unusually large here.

    Nacaduba sanaya.
    Dark sriae within the bands poorly developed or absent; FW postdiscal band dislocated near upper end at vein 6.
    HW submarginal band with rounded inner margins; HW black spot without any metallic blue scale.

    Also recorded in Singapore in the past.
    Nacaduba hermus swatipa.
    Dark striae within bands weak or absent (as in sanaya. );FW postdiscal band without dislocation.
    HW submarginal spots with rounded inner margins (as in sanaya.); HW black spot marked with metallic scales.
    Two males.

    Very similar sometimes & easily confused.
    Nacaduba pactolus.
    Dark striae weak or absent ( as in sanaya ). FW postdiscal band without any dislocation; white striae may be fuzzy, diffuse, especially in the female.
    HW submarginal spots with straight ('flat') inner margins, spot 6 quadrate or rectangular ; HW black spots strongly streaked with metallic blue scales.
    Male & female.

    TL Seow : Cheers.

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