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Thread: Pantoporia sandaka sandaka?

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    Default Pantoporia sandaka sandaka?

    Based on previous discussions, i believe this is P. sandaka rather than hordonia.

    In addition to the distinguishing traits already mentioned before, i also notice that the orange discal band on the forewing and at the apical area of the forewing are more "neatly bordered" and appear more regularly-shaped in sandaka but i don't think this is a very constant feature.

    Taken in USR

    Pantoporia best cropped resized-min.jpg
    Aaron Soh

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    This is a typical Pantoporia sandaka sandaka male.
    FW grey band is constricted into a series of beads.
    The FW is raised high enough to show a white line denoting the margin of the HW white speculum.

    The two species have been a source of great confusion through their ranges.

    The typical male P. hordonia have a wider grey band & the HW speculum is grey & small.
    Example approaching P. sandaka Thailand.

    P. sandaka ;FW grey band much narrowed or constricted/broken into beads.
    Singapore .Note white highlight on HW.

    The females of the two are very similar & confusing here.
    Horace raised a batch in which the male can be identified by the HW white speculum as P. sandaka but the female appeared like the male P. hordonia.

    Females. The FW is raised high enough to ID the sex & very short foot of FW postdiscal band.
    P. sandaka. FW grey band beaded.

    Uncertain females.

    Examples females P. hordonia

    Female P. sandaka India.

    All five Pantoporia are recorded from Singapore in the past.

    This one which I ID'ed as P. dindinga & later rejected looks good to be it.
    It is a female & the two marginal bands are greyish & diffrent from P. paraka.
    P. paraka.

    P. aurelia could be mistaken for the common Lasippa tiga.

    TL Seow: Cheers.
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    Thank you so much for all the links for comparison.

    Yes, the speculum and the width of the grey submarginal band were the main things which made me think it was sandaka. I have seen hordonia before but this is the first time i've seen sandaka. Thx Dr Seow!

    The P. dindinga looks very promising
    Aaron Soh

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