Post 30.

71 a & b. Likely P. confucius male. FW(pic 2) without an orange patch at the base of space 2.

It has been stated P. pava male in Taiwan has the base of space 2 (FW) with a patch of orange (much as in T besta male).
Malayan P. pava also have this (see C&P4) so that this should be the case in SE Asia.

P. pava FW space 2 base with an orange patch; also seen on the underside.
Underside bands marked with black dashes, poor in dsf.
HW spot 6 relatively large (ie as largec as spot 7)

P. confucius; FW without an orange patch at base of space 2.
Degree of FW spots 4 & 5 overlap variable.
HW spot 6 small but may be large in the female.
Underside black more extensive ,& some as rounded spots.

72. female Baoris farri.
HW with a pale vague patch at cellend indicating Baoris.
FW spots may be much reduced.

TL Seow: Cheers.