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I believe I also saw one today. DSC04708.JPG. Am I right?

This cannot be trogon. I'm very certain this should be Arhopala corinda. The whitish area at the fw dorsum and the strongly contrasting basal dark scaling are diagnostic (in trogon the dark scales are not so apparent).

This specimen is slightly aberrant but still the spots forming the post-discal band on the forewing and spots 6 and 7 on the hindwing are distinctive because they are more rounded than in pretty much all examples of aurea and trogon. In particular, spots 6 and 7 on the hindwing are much larger and rounder than the one in space 5 (the shape difference is quite noticeable). In aurea and trogon there is no discernible shape difference between these spots and they are always very rectangular.

There are also subtle differences in wing shape that rule out aurea/trogon.

I'd be glad if someone with C&P4 at hand can verify this