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Thread: First record of Famegana alsulus (Lycaeninae) for Koh Phangan, Thailand

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    Default First record of Famegana alsulus (Lycaeninae) for Koh Phangan, Thailand

    After a control in the exhaustive website of my friend Les I can confirm the presence in KPG of the not common Black-spotted Grass Blue, a small and not particularly attractive small Lycaenidae.

    The Black-spotted Grass Blue

    Is monsoon time and the weather is not the best, with daily showers and my almost daily hunt is slowing down (and the butterflies too...), but today, during a weather break, I got a few pictures of the usual suspects and this new one. So...mission accomplished

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    Congratulations, Antonio. I saw one, myself, last Saturday, the first for some time. It is easy to mistake it for a Pygmy Grass Blue, unless you get up close to it.

    They do, sometimes, have two black spots on the hindwing, as below.
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    Congrats! Beautiful composed shot of this butt, you must have been really excited!

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