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Thread: Skipper ID

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    Seng Kang

    Default Skipper ID

    Any experts or Dr Seow, pls help to ID.

    Cher Hern

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    1. The hindwing is strongly dark shaded on the outer margin of the band, and to the inside, so this is definitely a female Telicota ohara.

    2. Underside hindwing spots & grey shading indicates it is P. mathias.
    Although the antennae looked short like Parnara, the 2 cell spots would also exclude any local Parnara.

    TL Seow
    PS examples of other females.

    T. augias - orangey undeside; veins lightly darkened.

    T. colon - (this one had been mis-IDed by me as augias.)
    The 2 spots in space 4 & 5 are not rectangular. The second pic is clearer and also shows the lower spots in space 2 & 3 with 'spiny' extensions.

    T. linna - only female (& T. bambusae) with the veins not darkened across the hindwing band.(colour too orange.)

    T. besta - greenish ochreous underside.
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