The author of the Book of Indian Butterflies - Isaac Kehimkar was recently (some time in mid November) involved in a serious head-on accident whilst returning from official duties (presumably along the highway near Mumbai). A speeding bus jumped the road divider and smashed head-on into the Bombay Natural History Society vehicle in which Isaac was sitting.

Both Isaac and the driver suffered serious injury and were rushed to the hospital. After being operated upon, Isaac was out of danger. I received a cheery email from Isaac this morning to tell me that he's on the road to recovery, and should be discharged and back to work in about 3 weeks' time.

You can read about Isaac and his book on our blog article. The last time I met Isaac in person was at the Asian Lepidoptera Conservation Society's 2nd conference in Penang.

I am glad that he will be back on his feet soon!

P/S : Thanks to Keith Wolfe for sending me a note about Isaac's accident.