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  • Butterfly Photography 101 Part 3 - Digital SLRs and Camera settings for Butterfly Photography

    Our earlier two articles Part 1 and Part 2 of this series on Butterfly Photography outlines the spectrum of digital photography equipment and accessories that are required for good photos of butterflies. It should be emphasised that expensive equipment alone does not guarantee National Geographic-quality outputs. Even a smartphone can sometimes deliver results that much higher end cameras can, depending on the conditions that the photograph is taken under, and the most important part of the whole photography equation - the man (or woman!) behind the camera.

    Read the full article @ http://butterflycircle.blogspot.sg/2...01-part-3.html
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    Lycaena ID question

    It is Boloria ,Nymphalidae.
    There are 11 species in Norway all very similar.
    It appears closest to Boloria napaea (ssp lapponica in N. Norway.).

    Psyche 28-Mar-2017, 07:34 AM Go to last post

    Lycaena ID question

    Hi all, looking for an ID on this butterfly, possibly some sort of Lycanea? It was spotted in northern Norway during last august.

    wesley 28-Mar-2017, 03:04 AM Go to last post
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