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Painted Jezebel
26-May-2008, 08:24 AM
Found species No. 320 today, and it was ......... a DELIAS!!! :redbounce :redbounce Unfortunately, I found this male Delias pasithoe beata dead on a path, and it had obviously been trod upon.:cry: I had given up on finding a second Delias species on the Island, and I still wonder whether this was a vagrant or not, because we have had high winds coming from the mainland for the last few days. I had hoped to find the species here, and wanted to know whether it would be D. p. parthenope (the subspecies found in Malaysia and the deep south of Thailand, or D. p. beata (found in Southern Thailand. It proved to be the latter.

1)Common Jay
2)Common Bluebottle
3)Delias pasithoe beata (in a bad state!)

Sky Blue
26-May-2008, 08:40 PM
what a tragic +1 :)