View Full Version : An Arhopala day

Painted Jezebel
22-May-2008, 10:28 AM
The jungle walk to my waterfall proved very good for Arhopala today.

Apart from the usual suspects, already shown here, A. centaurus, democritus, alitaeus and abseus, also found A. lurida and A. selta selta. There is also a new one for me, which I suspect to be A. delta, but will not be sure for a couple of days.

Decent photo of the female A. lurida attached, with, 2 smaller, not so good ones for A. selta and last shot of the new one, the name of which I will update for you in due course, but shown for record purposes only.

Painted Jezebel
23-May-2008, 09:15 AM
I can happily confirm that the last photo shows an Arhopala delta. Species No. 319.:gbounce:

13.1.2011- Last one can not be A. delta, sorry! I will put the (very lame) excuse that I had only been in the tropics for a year when I made this ID!