View Full Version : Ks 3/5

Painted Jezebel
03-May-2008, 05:31 PM
Went back to same spot as yesterday, but could not find what I had seen then. Nevertheless, managed +3 photowise.

1) Female Vindula erota erota (Common Cruiser) - Please note that this is NOT the Cruiser found in Singapore. Many males seen before but this is the first time I've managed a female. However, being a typical female, she refused all my requests to perch in a better place! (PS. Any chance of a 'Male Chauvenist Pig' smiley?;-)
2) Female Arhopala aida aida (White-Stained Oakblue). Again, shot males before.
3) Male Cupitha purreea (The Waxy Dart). Shot a single female before. Sorry about pic, but could not get level with the butt.
4,5 & 6) Female Rapala iarbus iarbus (Common Red Flash). 3 different females, and I have not messed around with the colours. Please note with No 5 the pale orange markings near the tornal area of the hindwing which I can not see on the others. No 6 really was darker than the others!