View Full Version : Ks 26/4

Painted Jezebel
27-Apr-2008, 10:20 AM
It stopped raining at last, but I was worried whether the waterfall path had been washed away, prior to me taking a group up there today, so I did a quick recce. Plenty of butts about I'm please to say.

Just a few:

1 & 2 Caprona agama agama (Spotted Angle) - This has not been around since September.
3 Arhopala democritus democritus (White-dot Oakblue) - At long last nailed without hand shake!:gbounce:
4) Chilasa clytia clytia f. dissimilis. (Common Mime)

Also managed to see an Arhopala fulla intaca (Spotless Oakblue), only the second I have seen, but unfortunately it was not in a position where I could photo it.:thumbsdow