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Cigaritis wong
12-Sep-2007, 04:58 PM
Trees have been cleared at the corner end, where the stream comes out from the forest at the spa. Doesn't look too good, dunno whether will wipe out some population or not?

Sky is overcast today with very diffused sunlight. Only got small lycaenids of the common blues, 1 elbowed pierrot and 1 common caerulean. It is quite dry over there despite the recent morning sumatras :hmmm:

Anyway, a mini sand bank which I build for shooting has its first customer, Common Caerulean I supposed. Still can't really differentiate it with Sky Blue. Anyone knows the key to IDing them?




Peacock Royal
12-Sep-2007, 05:37 PM
Super nice shots. :thumbsup:
Green background has been put up ? A "special service" at your spa. :bsmile:

Sky Blue
12-Sep-2007, 09:40 PM
I like the 3rd shot most ! :thumbsup:

12-Sep-2007, 09:58 PM
Excellent shots, my vote goes to #2.

12-Sep-2007, 10:02 PM
Looks like a few people trying to ask Wong where his spa is located.... :whistle:

Common Mime
12-Sep-2007, 10:07 PM
Nice series, Wong!

Leopard Lacewing
12-Sep-2007, 11:15 PM
Wow! Great series, Wong. :thumbsup:

Very neat and clean shots.


13-Sep-2007, 12:22 AM
Looks like a few people trying to ask Wong where his spa is located.... :whistle: Let me guess... MacRitchie?

Glorious Begum
13-Sep-2007, 03:56 PM
nice ones, :cheers: I find very hard to parallel with this tiny butts on the ground. Your mini sand bank works. :cheers: