View Full Version : Wasn't she a beauty!

Painted Jezebel
04-Sep-2007, 08:18 PM
After the discussion (Cavemans ID Help thread dated 1.9.07) about the worn Rohana parisitis siamensis (I now agree with that), I thought you may wish to see the 'pristine' upperside of the female. According to C&P, the female is rarely seen, and I will not see this one again, it expired as I photographed it! I actually thought it was a new species for me until I looked it up, as it differs so much from the male.

Also some shots of the upperside of Prosotas nora superdates (I'm fed up with the underside!:grin2:)

Finally saw a +1 for my list - Astictopterus jama jama (The Forest Hopper)