View Full Version : Arhopalas galore on Samui

Painted Jezebel
11-Aug-2007, 07:58 PM
After 3 days being cooped up owing to a gale and appointments when no-one tuned up, I finally managed to get out again. 6 Different Arhopalas were seen. I've already posted shots of A. democritus democritus and A. alitaeus mirabella and A. centaurus nakula is well known to you.

A fourth species was seen, but I was unable to photo it before it flew off, and I could not ID it to my satisfaction.

Here are the other two:
I did not realise the first one was an Arhopala until I checked up in my ref books. It is Arhopala fulla intaca (The Spotless Oakblue).
The second one I can not ID, even with the help of Pinratana, Ek-Amnuay or C&P4. The markings are extremely strong, and the most impressive thing about it is its size, wingspan of 55mm! Can anyone help?