View Full Version : More Samui and something for Dragontail Fans

Painted Jezebel
07-Aug-2007, 06:01 PM
Weather been strange up here recently, but have nevertheless managed to get out.

1)Female Hyarotis adrastus praba (Tree Flitter)
2)Halpe species? Can anyone help with ID
3) Cyrestris cocles earli & 4)Cyrestris cocles cocles (Marbled Map)
5) Another Potanthus sp. Can anyone ID. Note that the two spots nearest the apex are separated, and the clear lone spot on the hindwing.
6) For Dragontail Fans - Sorry about the standard of the pic but it was taken from 15ft, without a zoom! For newbies who do not know of Dragontails, they are one of the must have species wherever it is found. They are particularly difficult to photo as they beat their wings very, very fast, and never rest, even when feeding. An upperside shot is very rare. - Green Dragontail ( Lamproptera meges virescens)


Peacock Royal
07-Aug-2007, 07:05 PM
Wah, got Dragontail.
Hope to get a shot one day :)

Painted Jezebel
08-Aug-2007, 08:23 PM
Solved the Halpe sp, and its not found in Singapore. It is Halpe insignis (White-Fringed Ace), a +1:gbounce: .


08-Aug-2007, 09:15 PM
Federick , Les is enticing us to head up north!:bsmile:

Must be lonely being the only butt shooter on KS!;-)

Les ,

Congrate on number 260!!! ... at the rate you are going you would have recoded more species than what we have here in Singapore in no time!!!

Be prepared..... a bunch of dragontail shooters might be heading your way!