View Full Version : What a good day on Samui

Painted Jezebel
31-Jul-2007, 08:41 PM
Weather was beautiful this morning, and I was rewarded with 1 definate new species for the Island (The Colonel), and a possible second, which I am currently investigating.

A +7 day as far as photographs are concerned, four of which you come accross in Singapore, but here are three new ones for you.

Dacalana burmana (Burmese Tufted Royal) - I am yet to find a Dacalana species that does NOT rest upside down, most frustrating.

Arhopala asinarus tonguva (Broad-Banded Oakblue) - One of the easier ones to ID, no tail, no blue tornal markings and a full, straight postdiscal line.

Celaenorrhinus asmara asmara (The White-Banded Flat) - Likewise on underside of leaf.


Sky Blue
31-Jul-2007, 10:53 PM
Thanks for sharing with us!