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Painted Jezebel
27-Jun-2007, 06:06 PM
Went to second favourite survey area this morning. No new species recorded though some unusual ones seen but not identified (too far away). Nevertheless, managed to get some decent photos for the shortly (I hope) to be published web site:

1) I was chasing this Rhinopalpa polynice polynice (Wizard) male all around the footpath, and finally got my prey. When I got home, I discovered I had got more than I realised!
2)I've been trying to get the upperside of the Castilius rosimon rosimon male (Common Pierrot) and finally succeeded.
3)Discolampa ethion thalimar (Banded Blue Pierrot) male.
4)Curetis bulis stigmata (Bright Sunbeam) male - these refuse to open their wings for me!
5)Cepora iudith malaya (Orange Gull) male. Sorry about the grass blade, only noticed when I got home.
6)Elymnias nesaea lioneli (Tiger Palmfly) male. Delighted to have got a photo of this species, as it usually remains in dense undergrowth, and is extremely skittish.

I hope you enjoy some different butts.


27-Jun-2007, 07:18 PM
Hi Les, at this rate you're tempting us we may have to charter a 737 to get to Koh Samui, so prepare to book a whole hotel.

Painted Jezebel
27-Jun-2007, 07:27 PM
I'm just whetting your appetites for when I get a decent photo of Papilio palinurus palinurus! Got some ropey ones, but the damn thing never stays still! :mad2:

I'm trying now just to show ones that I haven't seen on the forums before, unless, like the Wizard/Common Nawab duo, it is a bit unusual.


27-Jun-2007, 08:06 PM
Keep 'em coming, Les. :gbounce:

The Banded Peacock (Papilio palinurus) is one skittish bugger. They are often seen puddling, but their undersides are brown and uninspiring. The upperside, however, is woo~...

The closest we have here in Singapore is a caged specimen of its close cousin, the Peacock (Papilio peranthus). It can be found at Sentosa Butterfly Park - at least those times when they import the pupae. But searching for a pristine specimen is always a challenge. I have a shot taken of it here (http://b-pals.com/forums/showthread.php?t=208&) some time ago. The Banded Peacock is just as spectacular with its iridescent green scales.

Painted Jezebel
27-Jun-2007, 08:23 PM
These irredescent greens (and blues) are species where you have to see them live. No set specimen or photo, however well taken (beautiful photo SK), can do justice to the real thing. The first time I saw it flying, it simply took my breath away, and it still does, even though it is quite a common species here. It is a protected species in Thailand. I'll post one shot here, so those who do not know the species will have an idea of the dull underside (just a teaser for the upperside!):bsmile:


Sky Blue
27-Jun-2007, 09:29 PM
really eyes opening to me with all these new butts ;-)