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Painted Jezebel
18-May-2007, 08:49 AM
The larva, I believe of a Sphyngid, is currently causing devastation to my neighbours Jasmine plants. They all want to know what it will become, as do I. They love their Jasmine, but also find the Cat pretty. I want to know whether it is worthwhile getting some Jasmine into my garden and bred it.

The Hawkmoth flew into my lounge yesterday. It escaped before I could try to photo hindwing, but when it escaped, there was a definate flash of yellow. I think it is a Macroglossum species, but which one?

The other moth eaten (sic) moth was found by a neighbour who simply wants to know what it is. I have no idea which family it belongs to.

With thanks


Painted Jezebel
18-May-2007, 06:37 PM
Under the Early Stages forum,(which Pupa?) SK has confirmed that the larva of the Oleander Hawk Moth is found in the area. His photo matches, with the little doggie tail and lovely eyes. His was feeding on Periwinkle, which is a known foodplant of the species. Mine on Jasmine. Are the two plants related? :hmmm: My old book of British moths state that they only feed on Oleander and Periwinkle.

Still need help with the two adult moths.


20-May-2007, 11:12 AM
Hi Les,

Both plants you mention are in the same family, Oleaceae, many species of which are food items for the sphingid (note spelling!) Daphnis nerii.

The other photos are of the sphingid Macroglossum corythus (a hummingbird hawkmoth species - the greenish brown delta winged species) and the noctuid Erebus ephesperis.



14-Aug-2007, 12:26 AM
I've reared a cat like that on desert rose (apocynaceae). It was Daphnis nerii (sphyngidae).