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01-Mar-2014, 02:47 PM
Identification – arctiidae, euchromia Horsfieldi.

Photographed adjacent to a small stream, at elevation 900m. Bandung, W. Java.

I suspect that this is a Javan sub-species, as it does not follow exactly the diagnosis offered by ‘Moths of Borneo’ (vol6) (http://www.mothsofborneo.com/part-6/euchromiinae/euchromiinae-1-2.php). Chiefly, quote ‘There is a single, elongate yellow patch in the most posterior space of the forewing, indented posteriorly where that of the previous species is divided by a black band’.

On this specimen, the posterior band is broken by a black band. Though the body markings match E. Horsfieldi, the wing markings are more like E. elegantissima. (http://www.butterflycircle.com/showthread.php?10752-Beautiful-Mating-Moth!!&highlight=Euchromia)

I have images of four specimens photographed previously, if you would like to see. One of which matches the diagnosis, the others seem to be half way between the two.

Any thoughts.


01-Mar-2014, 04:05 PM
Yes, it is Euchromia horsfieldi.
The abdomen provides the best clue.

There are only two species in Java.
E. elegantissima is replaced by E. polymena in Java.

In E. polymena the two blue bands are followed by two red & lastly a blue band.
In E elegantissima, the two blue bands are followed by three red bands.


The male genitalia are identical & there is conjecture that the two are conspecific (ie the same species) in which case polymena have priority.

TL Seow:cheers:

01-Mar-2014, 06:05 PM
Thanks very much for the confirmation.

I was sure that I had a red in my collection, but cannot find it. Must be mistaken, one to look out for.