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Sister Sophie
22-Dec-2004, 02:38 AM

22-Dec-2004, 03:58 AM

Dear Sister Sophie,

We have just met the fellows from HKLS last weekend during their marking trip to Deep Water Bay. Their website and publications are quite comprehensive. It seems that they have documented all the 230 species spotted in HK.

One of the several roosting site discovered is located in Deep Water Bay. While the temperature was quite high (around 25-27 deg C), we still managed to see several hundreds of them roosting on the tree. Around 10am+, a swarm of them departed from the site (and some were captured for marking purpose).

Best regards.

Sister Sophie
23-Dec-2004, 04:13 AM
You are, indeed, most fortunate. I wish that I could have been there too.

For now, all that I can do is send you the Website addresses, which I assume you all enjoy.

Sister Sophie in Miami

24-Dec-2004, 11:33 AM
I have uploaded the pictures to my photobucket album. In all, 20 (+1 or +2) species spotted in one cool morning. Overhead a conversation that this weather is typical of Autumn instead of Winter.


Spotted the metallic blue upperside of an Arhopala spp. while the TV crew was filming, so did not take a snap. Also, spotted possibly a Common Hedge Blue along the stream.

At least two or more species could have been among the flock.