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15-Mar-2012, 07:12 AM
The Mourning Cloak (Nymphalis antiopa) usually hibernates during the winter months, coming out on warmer days to bathe in the warmth of the sun. It is designed to blend into tree trunks on the outsides, but has a pretty yellow band around the edges on the topside with blue spots.

Today I went butterfly hunting. I did spot my first cabbage white fluttering around quite a distance off, but that was all. I was at home working on my computer when my wife called me from out front. She said there was a butterfly perched on the railing out front of our building. Grabbed my D700 with the T-180 and SB800 and ran out front. It was still there! Tried to dial in my settings and started towards it. A crow flew past and scared it off. "That's it!" I thought, but it settled back down. So I started walking down the stairs taking shots. It obliged me patiently. Checked my settings and was in the process of trying to line things up at 90 degrees EXACTLY when two bees decided to dive bomb the MC, which took off and headed up over the roof and off it flew.

So, my season has arrived. Looking forward to posting something you guys will all enjoy instead of simply reading of your exploits each night.

Aperture 7.1. Shutter speed 1/250th. ISO159. SB-700 at 1/32nd output power.

NOTE: I seem to be having a problem uploading my image. I've brought the size down to what seems to be very, very small and the lowest quality level, but it seems to be stuck uploading. May have to try later.