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30-May-2011, 10:31 AM
Experience The Newly Upgraded Penang Butterfly Farm!

Penang Butterfly Farm brings new hope to the northern region as well as to Penangʼs tourism industry. While the farm celebrates its 25th Anniversary, it had also recently gone through a transformation and now stands recognised as one of the most fascinating and beautiful tropical butterfly aviary in the region, with many newly added educational outdoor and indoor attractions. As one of the earliest butterfly farm to be setup in the world, the farmʼs highlight is its newly enhanced & heightened butterfly enclosure, where visitors can experience the entire life-cycle of the butterflies and its natural activities, together with many other living creatures such as giant millipedes, phasmids, lizards, ducks, tortoises and fishes.

Some of the new & upgraded attractions includes the Tree of Life, Biodiver-City Hall, Cave of Mystery, Reptile Zone, Bugs Horizon, Kingdom of Frogs and Aqua Fun Corner. Their indoor section also features a new documentary and short nature & insect related video clips in its mini-cinema and TV displays, some of which are can be quite touching while some might even knock you off your chair!With a new variety of insects, arthropods, amphibians, reptiles and other creepy crawlies added to its live exhibits, the live exhibits are also accompanied with that latest technologies, such as interactive touch-screen LCD displays which offer information on the live exhibits with the touch of your fingertips. Visitors are surely to find its impressively designed exhibits, halls and walkways quite a mysterious come-alive adventure.

While the farmʼs exhibits and attractions are accompanied with educational signages for learning & interpretation, the farm also offers Nature Guided Tours to all its visitors to better interpret the butterflies, the living exhibits and Nature itself. With plenty to read, show and tell, adults and children can enjoy and experience Mother Nature through the various levels of interpretation that the farm offers.

A walk in Penang Butterfly Farmʼs new modern butterfly garden is truly a rejuvenating one and for some, it can be an enchanting experience with Mother Nature. Their indoor experience is truly one of a kind and visitors are sure to find the walk-through learning experience quite captivating and engaging! So donʼt just take anyoneʼs word for it, visit the transformed Penang Butterfly Farm for yourself and experience the splendour of its modern butterfly sanctuary and its state-of-the-art attractions!
Penang Butterfly Farm is reopening to public on 6th June 2011. For any enquiries, you may reach the farm at 04-885-1253 or email to info@butterfly-insect.com (info@butterfly-insect.com).

Joseph Goh | Managing Director
Penang Butterfly Farm | 830, Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia