View Full Version : For Mr. Rustic Skyflash/Butterfly Website (#17) Hong Kong

Sister Sophie
09-Nov-2004, 02:39 AM
I had just pulled this out of my Archives:


When I got your e-mail about the same URL. Crazy world, is it not? Anyway, thank you for sending me the information, and also for being in my Butterflyer Buddy Group.

If you get any card(s) from Malaysia, or ANYHERE at all -- I will be very pleased.

I saw plenty of Birdwings on my trip to Palawan and they were so tame that sometimes one would land on me. But I did not get a chance to go to Malaysia yet.

Also, my Chinese is a little hazy. In fact, I do not even know one word of it! Everyone in HK spoke English to me; I guess because I was a foreigner.

Thanking you again, Sister Sophie