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23-Feb-2011, 08:12 PM
Hey guys,

We are currently in the midst of producing a TV commercial for a camera product, and one of the scenes requires a close up shot of some butterflies across an 'endless garden'.

We were wondering if you guys could help us with some information as to where we would be able to attain some butterflies for our shoot.

As this would be our first time shooting and handling butterflies, what would be the correct and legal way of handling the butterflies?

If you could give us any information on local Insect/Pet stores/Breeders/Farms or Importers that handles butterflies, or the Butterfly Interest Group have ever come across such establishments we will greatly appreciate it if you could give us the contacts of such.

Also, when you guys shoot such butterflies, how do you attract them so that they are able to stay so still in front of the camera? Do you guys use honey or any special ingredient that attracts them? or do you guys wait out for them?

Thank you so much in advance for helping out guys. Any useful information on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Please feel free to drop a comment or contact me via email at nigelwee87@gmail.com.

Thanks again.

Warmest regards,

Nigel Wee


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24-Feb-2011, 08:22 AM
You will find the members of the Butterfly Circle to rank at the top -- or certainly very close to it -- among all the butterfly photographers I have ever dealt with. Some of their work is simply extraordinary (indeed almost all of the members produce incredible images). You will also find them to be a fantastic source of information on anything dealing with butterflies.

If I might add a small personal note: please do not attempt to freeze a butterfly in hopes that it will stay still. I've been asked to do that and simply won't do it. It is much harder to get butterflies to do exactly what the art director demands, but using a live butterfly is worth the effort.

You might also consider offering a small donation to help preserve some of Singapore's native species. I'm sure that any funds could be used to relocate, store, preserve, and re-establish a local species. I simply share a concern for all species of butterfly and do express my feelings from time to time. Hope you don't mind. William