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23-Jan-2011, 11:11 AM
All: I couldn't make it to Singapore in 2010, but one of my students will be there in a few weeks. It's a young lady named GINA OM. She will be staying 4 nights, arriving on February 21 and leaving on February 25, 2011. She is saying at: Rucksack Inn 2, located at 38-A Hongkong Street, Singapore 059677.

She is a beginning photographer with a Nikon D-90. I've spent a fair bit of time trying to get her ready for her adventure. If anyone would like to meet her, that would be great. I have one volunteer who might take her out for a panoramic shot of the city. If anyone else could spare a few minutes for a cup of coffee or to let her follow you on one of your adventures, that would be great.

If anyone is able and willing, please contact me. If you use my email, i can forward it directly to her: wbfolsom@verizon.net

Thanks. William

23-Feb-2011, 02:57 PM
Bill, duty done. :grin2: Met up with Gina and her friend Mike at our Hort Park this morning. A very nice couple. Gina had a great time shooting stuff around the park. Even brought her into the Butterfly Enclosure and I believe she got some good shots that you'd be proud of! I lent her my T180 too. :)

Hope that they'll enjoy the rest of their stay in Singapore. I sure she'll fill you in on the details of her trip here when you next meet her. :cheers:

And thanks for the autographed copy of your book. It'll make a great addition to my library.

24-Feb-2011, 08:30 AM
Khew: I very much appreciate you taking this young lady under your wing. I worked very hard to bring her up to speed in the very short time I had her as a student. I felt it was a great opportunity to involve a young person in a field that I so much enjoy and perhaps she will be smitten by butterflies and pass that on to her generation and to others that follow.

It was certainly my pleasure that she was able to deliver my book to you in person. I would have done it myself, but this was faster. I may have to write a third book after associating with the BC members for this past year. You have all challenged me -- have entertained me -- have kept me going through some difficult moments and so I'm quite pleased that your offer of your great work has been reciprocated. I feel that I still need to buy you all a round of drinks one day!


Leopard Lacewing
24-Feb-2011, 11:21 AM

Did she like the T180 lens? :bsmile: