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20-Dec-2010, 02:24 PM
Hi... went to Butterfly Hill at Pulau Ubin recently and was really impressed with the number and variety of the butterflies found there... I chanced upon a shrub that's frequented by blue or dark glassy tigers which seemed to be sucking the sap of the fruits... I also noticed the shrub was host to many caterpillars which I thought initially belongs to the same butterflies. But upon checking with website pictures back home... I realized I may be wrong... either that or it's an early stage caterpillar. Please kindly help ID the butterfly caterpillar. Many thanks.

By the way, I saw a largish black snake (possibly a equatorial spitting cobra) slithered by in the undergrowth, it was mere few feet away... gave me the shivers...

27-Dec-2010, 11:13 AM
Hi lamagier,

Butterefly Hill was designed by Khew ( Commander), he put his 40 years of knowledge on butterflies in the design and plant selection. There are number of species there , even the Dwarf Crow has migrated eleswhere from the island and make the Hill its residence.

Spitting cobra are fairy common where there is food for them , we have them in the Southern Ridges and even at Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail.

I will leave the identification to the cat farming and moth expert.


Blue Nawab
27-Dec-2010, 01:22 PM
Hi Lamagier,
Sometimes back I also chanced upon these caterpillars at Pulau Ubin and had it posted on the thread as shown. You will get the answers that you want. :cheers:


05-Jan-2011, 12:25 AM
Thanks very much for the reply. It seems that I have been running into moth caterpillars mostly haha. But it is a rather pretty moth, glad to make the acquaintance.

Btw, I got to know about Butterfly Hill from the Commander himself. I was there during his butterfly presentation (cum book launch?) at Botany Centre at SBG and asked him about it. Was glad I did... turn out to be quite a butterfly paradise... My first time there and I saw the beautiful Autumn Leaf... quite a delightful first for me, though have to admit I am not a serious butterfly watcher as most of you are...